History Ingrid CSW Interface

Release History

Version Date Description
5.14.0 2022-10-04 Release 5.14.0
5.13.0 2022-07-21 Release 5.13.0
5.12.0 2022-04-12 Release 5.12.0
5.11.0 2022-01-19 Release 5.11.0
5.9.0 2021-07-15 Release 5.9.0
5.7.0 2021-01-18 Release 5.7.0
5.6.0 2020-10-15 Release InGrid 5.6.0
5.5.0 2020-07-24 Release InGrid 5.5.0
5.4.0 2020-04-17 Release InGrid 5.4.0
5.3.0 2020-01-13 Release InGrid 5.3.0
5.2.0 2019-10-21 Release InGrid 5.2.0
5.1.0 2019-07-09 Release InGrid 5.1.0
5.0.0 2019-04-12 Release 5.0.0
4.6.0 2019-01-16 Release 4.6.0
4.2.0 2018-01-05 Release 4.2.0 2017-01-10 Release 2016-07-15 Release 2016-07-07 Release
3.6.2 2016-05-13 Release 3.6.2
3.6.1 2015-11-18 Release 3.6.1
3.6.0 2015-06-19 Release 3.6.0
3.5.0 2015-01-30 Release InGrid 3.5
3.4.0 2014-02-25 Release InGrid 3.4.0
3.3.1 2013-10-31 Release InGrid 3.3.1
3.3.0 2013-03-05 Release InGrid 3.3
3.2.1 2012-09-26 Bugfix Release InGrid 3.2.1
3.2.0 2012-07-13 Release InGrid 3.2

Release 5.14.0 – 2022-10-04

Type Changes By
Update Update Java to version wemove

Release 5.13.0 – 2022-07-21

Type Changes By
Add Replace opendata categories. Fixes 3558. wemove

Release 5.12.0 – 2022-04-12

Type Changes By
Fix IT-Sicherheitsmängel in Docker Basis Images beseitigen. Fixes 3596. wemove
Update Use latest Java 8 version wemove

Release 5.11.0 – 2022-01-19

Type Changes By
Update Fix sortby with prefixes. Fixes 1444. wemove
Fix Kritische Sicherheitslücke Log4Shell in der weitverbreiteten Java-Logging-Bibliothek log4j. Fixes 3292. wemove

Release 5.9.0 – 2021-07-15

Type Changes By
Update Update gml namespace to version 3.2. Fixes 1876. wemove

Release 5.7.0 – 2021-01-18

Type Changes By
Add Fix Redmine issue link generation for changes. Fixes 2211. wemove

Release 5.6.0 – 2020-10-15

Type Changes By
Update Adapt namespace for igctx. Fixes 1846. wemove

Release 5.5.0 – 2020-07-24

Type Changes By
Add Make harvesting of interface csw more robust. Fixes 1901. wemove
Add Change the container’s privilege to a non-root user. Fixes 1898. wemove

Release 5.4.0 – 2020-04-17

Type Changes By
Update Update security related jackson-databind dependency. wemove

Release 5.3.0 – 2020-01-13

Type Changes By
Add Change codelist namespace to http://standards.iso.org/iso/19139/resources/gmxCodelists.xml. Fixes 1554. wemove
Add Special csw interface transformation for partner hamburg. Fixes 1531. wemove
Fix Fix security issues by dependency updates wemove

Release 5.2.0 – 2019-10-21

Type Changes By
Add Fix problem not showing anchor tags in csw interface response. Fixes 1219. wemove
Add Fix sortby feature. Fixes 1444. wemove

Release 5.1.0 – 2019-07-09

Type Changes By
Add Create communication.xml if not exists. wemove

Release 5.0.0 – 2019-04-12

Type Changes By
Update Update libraries to fix security issues and adapt to log4j2. Fixes 1196. wemove

Release 4.6.0 – 2019-01-16

Type Changes By
Update Introduce a data directory to be able to map moving data outside the docker container. Also move scheduling pattern file and config.xml file inside the instances directory. wemove

Release 4.2.0 – 2018-01-05

Type Changes By
Update Improved docker integration. wemove

Release – 2017-01-10

Type Changes By
Fix Fixed wrong path to save data when using cygwin. Fixes REDMINE-465. wemove
Update Added Transaction operation to capabilities. Fixes REDMINE-113. wemove

Release – 2016-07-15

Type Changes By
Fix Catch exception if communication for CSW-T could not be found. Fixes REDMINE-376. wemove

Release – 2016-07-07

Type Changes By
Add Add Basic Authentication to CSW-T-API, which can be configured via csw-t.realm.properties. Fixes REDMINE-337. wemove
Fix Do not cache CSW-T-Requests. Fixes REDMINE-366. wemove

Release 3.6.2 – 2016-05-13

Type Changes By
Update Increase file operation timeouts and increase default value from 200ms to 1 sec. Fixes REDMINE-279. wemove
Add Added CSW-T functionality. Fixes REDMINE-113. wemove

Release 3.6.1 – 2015-11-18

Type Changes By
Update Remove all references to PortalU. Fixes REDMINE-15. wemove
Fix Option to request documents directly and not from cache due to caching bug. Fixes REDMINE-179. wemove
Update Use encrypted password for web interface. Fixes REDMINE-106. wemove

Release 3.6.0 – 2015-06-19

Type Changes By
Update Optimize relative file cache paths for big amounts of files (3 characters, equally distributed even with same prefixed record ids ). wemove
Update Use nio based file access in file caches. wemove
Update Speed up XML serialization/deserialization and XPATH performance. wemove
Fix Fixed incompatibilities with Java 8 wemove

Release 3.5.0 – 2015-01-30

Type Changes By
Add Add GetRecords per GET Request to the interface. Fixes REDMINE-549. wemove
Add Add JAVA8 compatiblity. wemove
Add Added license header to all source files for Open Source migration. Fixes REDMINE-524. wemove
Fix Fix date comparable queries, do not analyze field 'modified'. Fixes INGRID-2364. wemove
Fix Add missing gmd:contact element and add all gmd:CI_Citation/gmd:date elements, not only revision dates to satisfy the GDI-DE test suite. Fixes INGRID-2348. wemove
Fix Add missing DQ_DataQuality/scope element in response for element set summary. Fixes INGRID-2347. wemove
Fix Fix wrong GeographicBoundingBox order in response for element sets summary and brief. Fixes INGRID-2347. wemove

Release 3.4.0 – 2014-02-25

Type Changes By
Fix Add message if NO records could be obtained from a iPlug. Fixes INGRID-2345. wemove
Fix Include schemaLocation in CSW. Fixes INGRID-2306. wemove
Fix No Indexing of old cached records if iBus is deactivated !. Fixes INGRID-2254. wemove
Update Add colored messages for WARN and ERROR log messages. wemove

Release 3.3.1 – 2013-10-31

Type Changes By
Add Added element SearchStatus to result document and add language parameter to getCapabilities document, which also can be queried. Fixes INGRID-2239. wemove
Update Restrict max. records for CSW requests to 500, avoiding possible OOM Exception. wemove
Update CSW queryable operateson is now indexed with name space instead of the pure UUID (srv:operatesOn@xlink:href instead of srv:operatesOn@uuidref). Fixes INGRID-2279. wemove
Update Fix dependencies to geotk libraries. Java7 compatibility fix. wemove
Update Use german analyzer when creating/searching lucene index, now configured via XML. Fixes INGRID-2246. wemove

Release 3.3.0 – 2013-03-05

Type Changes By
Add Add java parameter "-Dfile.encoding=UTF8" to start script. Fixes INGRID-2150. wemove
Fix Added filter for idf:abstract and idf:keyword. wemove
Fix Fix numbers in log messages. Start from 1 instead of 0. Fix problem with numbers if results can be divided by 10. wemove
Fix Fix dependencies to geotk libraries. wemove

Release 3.2.1 – 2012-09-26

Type Changes By
Fix CRITICAL: Remove document cache for Capability and DescribeRecord documents, since those cached documents may be invalidated by the SOAP Framework. Fixes INGRID32-175. wemove
Fix Match case handling for indexing and querying. Fixes INGRID32-187. wemove
Fix Make mapping of resourceidentifier to lucene index more robust. Fixes INGRID32-185. wemove
Fix Add missing ows:role Element to all capabilities. Fixes INGRID32-179. wemove
Fix Add missing configuration value to remove restriction of returned records. Fixes INGRID32-180. wemove
Fix Fix XPATH query for extracting organisationname values from IDF records. Fixes INGRID32-181. wemove
Fix Fix problem with concurrent access of the interface. wemove
Fix Upgrade jquery to Version 1.8.0. Add workaround for ajax caching IE behavior. wemove
Fix Fix paths in start script when started via cygwin on windows. wemove
Fix Remove open file handles that prevent deletion/renaming of folders under windows. wemove
Add Add support for Parameter nextRecord for GetRecord results. Throw Exceptions for invalid parameter startPosition and maxRecords. Fixes INGRID32-194. wemove
Add Added local working directory, so that temp-dir is not deleted accidentally when cleaning up global temp dir. Fixes INGRID33-4. wemove

Release 3.2.0 – 2012-07-13

Type Changes By
Add Initial Release. Harvesters can be configured to collect data, which is stored in an index file. wemove